Privacy Policy

This Website doesn't collect any of your personal data and doesn't use cookies.

I only collect non-personal and anonymised data with the open-source and privacy focused analytic tool Umami:
Umami does not collect any personally identifiable information and anonymizes all data collected. Users cannot be identified and are never tracked across websites.

Among other, the following data is collected:

  • Browser Type (Firefox, Chrome [includes other Chromium Browsers], Safari, IE, etc.)
  • OS Type (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android)
  • Device Type (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone)
  • Your Country (Your IP-adress is not collected!)


If you want to opt-out, then please add the following URL to your ad-blocker: magiclytics.magiclike.net/magiclytics.js

If you have any concerns, please send me a message and I am shure we will resolve them.


Last updated on: 9th December 2022